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Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Ohio Sex offenders aren't divulging past

Ohio Sex offenders aren't divulging past
By Mark Caudill News Journal

MANSFIELD -- Convicted sex offenders could be working for area businesses unaware of their criminal past, according to police Chief Phil Messer. Two-thirds of the 61 sex offenders at the Volunteers of America did not register with city police as required by law, Messer said Monday.

"This is kind of a blatant disregard for the law," he said. "If I had jail space, I would get all (40) of these guys tonight." Messer said he is more concerned, however, because these sex offenders could be working for employers who don't know their criminal backgrounds.

The situation came to light last week when two men came to the police department to get criminal records checks, required by some employers. "Somebody in records recognized one of them as living at 290 N. Main (VOA), knowing they had to be a sex offender or a felon," Messer said. >>>rest of the story


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